Jekabs & Veronika Jautaikis
Lonnie & Marie Bazzle
Jekabs Arnolds Jautaikis & Veronika Kveska
Jekabs and Veronika are the parents of Peter Jautaikis. They were married on March 3, 1941 in Latvia. Peter is the youngest of 4 children and was born in France.
Lonnie Jefferson Bazzle & E Marie Harper
Lonnie and Marie are the parents of Karen Jautaikis. They were married on August 8, 1947 in Santa Ana, California. Karen is the 4th child of six.
Peter & Karen Jautaikis
Peter Jautaikis & Karen Arlene Bazzle
Peter and Karen are the parents of Eric and Adam Jautaikis. They were married on December 10, 1972 in Santa Ana, California.
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This is the Peter and Karen Jautaikis family photo galleries and video library web site. This site is intended to share the thousands of pictures that Peter loves to take of his family and friends.
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